Energy Extraction Services

Poly-Cor Enterprises offers a complete scope of Project Services & Management to the Energy Extraction Industry.

Stressing safety first, our nationwide group of experienced, Allied Associates provide a wide array of services…

Bulk Nitrogen Distribution

Via cryogenic vessels on tank trucks – the size determined by client needs.

Pipeline Construction

Site development, landfill construction, utility line construction, mechanical piping, trenchless technology, formed concrete, and specialty coatings.

Pipeline Inspection

Including permitting and testing requirements, report and application preparation, permit review and submission to local, state and federal regulatory agencies.

Pipeline Surveying

Including planning maps, right-of-way plat and acquisition shallow water pipeline mapping, construction layout surveys and more.

Pipeline X-Ray

The strict conditions imposed on the quality of modern gas pipelines require a high degree of accuracy in the welding process, which is why we utilize a nondestructive test like x-ray in the detection processes of the welded joints.

Hydrostatic Testing

Critical in determining pipeline safety and durability under operating pressure.

Nitrogen Pressure Testing

Utilized when hydrostatic testing isn’t feasible. Always performed with detailed risk analysis before testing.

Water Hauling

Utilizing tanker trucks sized to fit the project, and street-legal vehicles for highway transport.

Land Clearing & Paving Services

Utilizing experienced work crews with the latest and most efficient equipment and methods.